If Max Boot didn’t already exist, we’d have to invent him.

Seriously, check out this amazing feat of intellectual acrobatics, performed in the name of shielding New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from criticism over his role in the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers:

Did Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves order that nursing homes take in COVID19-positive patients and then try to cover it up? We must’ve missed that.

Or maybe, Max Boot is just living in an alternate universe. We’re gonna go with that — and so will you, once you read this gaslighting drivel-fest:

But it’s not as if Democrats and the media are giving [Andrew Cuomo] a pass. The New York Times has led the charge in uncovering the sexual harassment scandal, and the Democratic leader of the New York State Senate just called on him to resign, with the Democratic State Assembly speaker not far behind. Cuomo has almost no defenders among prominent Democrats.

How often, by contrast, do you see the right uncovering misconduct among Republicans or demanding accountability? Almost never. Political scientists talk about “asymmetrical polarization,” where Republicans go further right than Democrats go left. The result is asymmetrical accountability. The mainstream media and Democrats are generally tough on Democrats accused of wrongdoing (as former senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) can attest), while right-wing media and politicians act as apologists for far worse miscreants — such as former president Donald Trump.

The stark differences in accountability between Democrats and Republicans underscore the reality that the GOP these days is interested only in keeping power — not in exercising it responsibly. The only thing, it seems, that Republican elected officials can do to arouse the ire of their base is to criticize Trump. Republicans have no right to crow about Democratic misconduct until they show more interest in getting their own house in order. Their double standard — excoriating Cuomo, excusing Trump — is egregious.

We’d ask if we’re taking crazy pills, but it’s clear that Max Boot has already emptied the bottle by himself.

No, literally, that’s what he does:

Pay no attention to the governor with actual blood on his hands!

He’s closin’ in!

Only the best from Max Boot.

Maximum Boot, minimum integrity.

Fact check: true.

This checks out as well: