New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo set out to capitalize on the pandemic, and it looks like he did exactly that when he wrote his auto-hagiography, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic”:

More from Vanity Fair:

The scandals swirling around Andrew Cuomo have reignited speculation about the memoir he published last year, American Crisis: Leadership Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic, highlighting his then heralded handling of New York’s coronavirus emergency. The biggest curiosity of all remains the size of Cuomo’s book deal with Crown, a subsidiary of Penguin Random House. The governor has declined to specify how much he got for the book, saying in August, “You’ll see it on my financial disclosure,” the deadline for which is May 15. But the talk among sources familiar with the deal is that the book sold for at least low to mid-seven figures, which is a blockbuster sum by industry standards. Cuomo has said he would donate a portion of his earnings from the book to an unspecified COVID-19-related charity.

At least low to mid-seven figures, eh? How interesting!

Of course.

Looks like Andrew Cuomo will have made out like a bandit, in more ways than one.

No kidding. Cuomo wasn’t about to let a few thousand deaths get in the way of his paycheck.

Andrew Cuomo is pretty much irredeemable at this point, but if he really wants to put those seven figures where his big mouth is, this would be a good place to start: