Last week, Joe Biden blasted Texas and Mississippi’s leadership for their “Neanderthal thinking” when it comes to statewide mask mandates:

If Joe Biden were truly committed to following science, he might’ve realized that Neanderthals likely weren’t the knuckle-dragging oafs they were once thought to be.

But we digress.

Ezra Klein, who left Vox for the greener pastures of the New York Times, doesn’t seem to take issue with Biden’s characterization of Texas and Mississippi. In fact, according to Klein, it actually makes total sense for Biden to slam governors like Greg Abbott and Tate Reeves for trusting people to take responsible precautions without being told to by the government. Because, you see, Joe Biden has suffered personal loss:

Got that, everybody?

It totally is. Except, you know, for the fact that it’s not. At all.

We can certainly sympathize with Joe Biden when it comes to loss. In fact, we’re pretty sure that most of us can empathize with him when it comes to loss.

But what Ezra is doing is suggesting that Biden’s losses should carry more weight than everyone else’s.

Moreover, Joe Biden’s losses had literally nothing to do with COVID19. And it’s pretty gross to see Ezra Klein try to use those losses to shame others.

Ezra seems to be under the impression that emotionally charged arguments should be what dictates policy for everyone else.

Then Joe Biden’s not cut out for any of this.

Couldn’t’ve said it better ourselves.

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