The six books that Dr. Seuss Enterprises has decided can no longer be published due to their highly problematic nature are, understandably, pretty hot items right now.

If you’re not sure where to get one, you might check on Amazon. Or, perhaps, on eBay.

Well, apparently the people who reliably informed you may not have fully vetted their sources.

According to his feed, this Twitter user, @AUChizad, recently listed a copy of “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” for auction on eBay:

But it appears that eBay decided he’d made the wrong decision:


Tweeter @clare_ath posted this:

Is eBay seriously doing this?

Twitchy staple Noam Blum, aka @neontaster, is trying to figure out what, exactly, is going on:

For what it’s worth, tweeter @skol_brian doesn’t believe there’s anything shady going on:

Oh. So it’s gonna be like that, then, is it?


Well, here’s another one:

Look, Brian: We get that the idea that eBay would do this is bonkers, but they appear to actually be doing this.

Fortunately, Blum can multitask, smacking trolls and investigating what’s happening with eBay:

So there you have it.