Flu cases were down significantly this winter.

And there’s only one conclusion to draw from this, according to a CNN analyst: we should wear masks and social distance every year!


If we all do our part, the flu will all but disappear!

It’s so simple!

Well, now it’s different. According to Mr. Expert CNN Analyst Person, it’s actually pro-science to completely put your life on hold every year.

Hey, man. Don’t dismiss the analyst. As Jake Tapper points out, he’s a Very Important Expert, and that’s the honest truth:

Oh, snap!

If Jake Tapper really wants to frame these discussions honestly, he should acknowledge the inherent problems with expecting people to just be OK with wearing masks for months at a time and not see friends and family for months at a time in the name of preventing the spread of a virus whose spread can be prevented by far less disruptive and psychologically devastating means.

We’re not doctors. We don’t even play them on TV. But we’re pretty sure that it’s possible to take reasonable and effective precautions against contracting and spreading the flu that don’t require the kind of sacrifice that Dr. Offit is suggesting.