If you’ve been waiting for #MeToo crusader Alyssa Milano to weigh in on the sexual harassment allegations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the wait may be over.

We’re not sure whether this tweet is Cuomo-specific or just about alleged sexual harassers in general, but here it is:

Apparently what’s not bullsh*t is Alyssa Milano preventing people she doesn’t follow from replying to her tweet:

Oh well. In any event, she can’t prevent people from pointing out how full of, well, bullsh*t she is.

Uh-oh, Alyssa.

This was literally the next thing Alyssa Milano tweeted after her “such bullsh*t” tweet:

So yeah. Alyssa needs to take several seats.

And while she’s there, she should brush up on Due Process 101.

Even a scumbag like Andrew Cuomo is entitled to due process.

Alyssa Milano, however, is not entitled to our patience.