It’s the People’s White House again, thanks to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris!

Seriously, Uncle Joe and Auntie Kamala are completely open books:

Surely Anita Kumar is mistaken. The Biden-Harris administration is committed to transparency. They’ve told us so!

OK, well, there’s gotta be an explanation for this. They wouldn’t obfuscate unless they had a really, really good reason.

Maybe RealClearNews White House reporter Philip Wegmann can get a simple explanation from Jen Psaki, who’s nothing if not open and honest about the Biden-Harris administration:

Wait … that doesn’t sound open or honest at all. It just sounds snotty and dismissive.

She does like to talk in circles.

Refreshingly normal!

The Biden White House is transparent, in that anyone should be able to see right through their cracked façade of openness with the American people.

Imagine if Kayleigh McEnany had given that answer.

Jen Psaki is so transparently terrible at this.