Breaking news from “The Daily Show”: The COVID19 vaccine is racist.

The show’s supposed to be funny (at least, it used to be supposed-to-be-funny), but sometimes it’s important to get very serious about serious issues:

More from the Daily Beast:

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my old archnemesis: racism,” said Trevor Noah. “This is crazy, people. According to the available data, New York has vaccinated more out-of-towners than minorities who actually live here in New York. I mean, they need to beef up the screening process. You know, like, before giving someone a shot, just ask them to walk six feet on a sidewalk, and if they stop and look up at a building to admire it, you send their ass back to Connecticut.”

We’re so confused!

It just is, OK? Especially if your name is Ron DeSantis.

Definitely not Andrew Cuomo’s, that’s for damn sure.

Sure seems that way:

“This isn’t just a New York problem—this is an America problem. Since Black people are getting sicker at a higher rate, they should be getting vaccinated at a higher rate, because they need it more. It’s the same reason you hand out free condoms on college campuses and not at LARPing camp,” he joked.

Sounds about right. Watch for yourselves:

Parting evergreen tweet: