MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is very concerned about the right-wing threat to people who have opposed Donald Trump:

We wouldn’t call it “under-acknowledged,” as we’ve heard quite a lot about it over the past several years.

Anyway, it’s absolutely fair to point out that some die-hard Trump supporters and members of the alt-right have gone after Trump critics (remember what the alt-right did to Ben Shapiro?), sometimes in a threatening manner.

What’s not quite as fair, though, is pointing it out when you’re someone like the Lincoln Project’s Stuart Stevens:

Did Stuart Stevens ever know that Stuart Stevens is his hero? That the Lincoln Project is everything the Lincoln Project wishes the Lincoln Project could be?

There’s an awful lot of wind beneath Stuart’s wings.


But we do.

Where to even begin?

That’s them. So is this:

And this:

Ah, memories.

Just pure, unadulterated chutzpah.