In case you missed it, try as he may, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hasn’t been able to escape the media’s scrutiny for prioritizing the elderly when it comes to COVID19 vaccinations.

Because not wanting to kill grandma is bad when Republicans do it. Or something.

They are indeed really doing this.

And if they’re really doing this, it’s a safe bet that others are, too. Others like Stephen King, who, when he’s not taunting freezing Texans, enjoys pushing baseless COVID19 vaccination conspiracy theories:

Not just possible, but likely!

King is a writer, so he should have no problem showing his work here. We’re dying to see it.

It seems possible — likely, even — that that’s exactly what this is.


Oh. So then, Stephen King’s real beef with Ron DeSantis is that Ron DeSantis doesn’t think Stephen King is more equal than others.

For shame, Stephen King. For shame.