Earlier today, Politico Playbook noted that Ted Cruz’s ill-advised — and short-lived — Cancun trip was proof that the political scandal isn’t dead. You could tell they were having fun with it.

But the Washington Post has been having even more fun:

Fabulous work, Ashley Parker!

Molly Jong-Fast needs a cigarette, Parker’s piece is so good!

Yes, it’s so good. Reading it, you could easily be led to believe that Ted Cruz going to Cancun is the biggest political scandal out there, and not, you know, something like New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo effectively sentencing thousands of elderly New Yorkers to their deaths and taking repeated action to cover it up.

You could almost be forgiven for thinking Ashley Parker never heard of him:

Not just not a single tweet about it in the last five days, but not a single tweet about it at all:

In addition to being a Washington Post reporter, Ashley is also a senior political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. So it’s only natural that she’d ignore Andrew Cuomo and set her laser-like focus on Ted Cruz.

Yeah, who needs actual reporting these days?