OMG, you guys. Have you seen that 2016 tweet from Ted Cruz about climate change?

Reza Aslan sure did, and he shared it with his nearly 300,000 Twitter followers:

Got a link, Reza? We can’t seem to find that tweet anywhere.

Inquiring minds wanna know … and are also capable of verifying before trusting.

But it seems so authentic! So genuine!

This is apparently Reza Aslan being better than that:


Oh well. At least Reza got plenty of attention for it, though, which is really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Hey, man. Likes and retweets are likes and retweets.

Hey, man. Reza Aslan is Reza Aslan.

When you make a fool of yourself on here as much as Reza Aslan does, you usually delete your account.