CNN’s been running themselves pretty ragged cleaning up Joe Biden and Co.’s messes, but evidently even they have their limit of what they’re willing to put up with.

John Berman attempted to get Kamala Harris’ spokeswoman Symone D. Sanders to answer a straightforward question about reopening schools, and here’s what happened:

Good point, John.

Well, they tried, at least. But Sanders wasn’t having it. She knows where the Biden administration’s bread is buttered.

Seriously. They need to just own the fact that they’re beholden to the teachers’ unions.

Own it, Symone.

And that’s pretty silly, because it’s not as if we don’t all know why they don’t want to answer it.

Symone D. Sanders and the Biden administration are just gonna keep moving those goalposts until they push them right over the cliff’s edge.

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