Donald Trump’s former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was apparently watching Joe Biden’s CNN town hall last night.

This was how she wrapped it up:

OK, let’s just get this out there: it’s understandable that some people would find that tweet to be in poor taste. Tweets about Joe Biden and children can sometimes contain some icky innuendo.

But that’s just it: McEnany’s tweet can be interpreted in more than one way. And Jake Tapper’s decided that he gets to make the ultimate ruling on that.

Or, rather, an unnamed “former WH colleague of McEnany’s’ gets to make the ultimate ruling on it:

Thank you for your journalism, Jake.

Jake Tapper is part of Biden’s “rapid response team,” so he’s just doing his job, really.

And part of his job evidently involves keeping QAnon front and center.


Good question.

Another good question: exactly how reliable is Jake Tapper’s mysterious source?

According to McEnany herself, that’s exactly what she was talking about:

That’s actually … a plausible explanation. Sure puts her tweet in a different, less QAnon-dogwhistle-y light, no?

McEnany also makes a good point: why does Jake Tapper constantly rely on anonymous sources to back up his partisan “journalism”? Are we supposed to be impressed that he’s so well connected with unnamed officials who are so stunning and brave that they can’t go on the record about an administration that’s no longer in power?

Is this supposed to be good for Real Journalism, Mr. President?

None whatsoever.

But that’s OK!

And as long as they don’t let Trump go, they don’t need on-the-record sources. Ever.