To say that it’s not looking good right now for the Lincoln Project would be a gross understatement. All hell’s breaking loose over there, and, frankly, it couldn’t be happening to a nicer group of people.

So, to see Lincoln Project senior adviser Tara Setmayer still defending the group’s legacy — if you can call it that — is absolutely nauseating, albeit not unexpected:

For what it’s worth, though, Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway is taking a more forceful, far less generous approach to the group’s current situation:

George Conway cannot just sit idly by and let the Lincoln Project get away with covering up John Weaver’s sexual predation, no sir. He’ll be damned if he’s gonna let himself get caught under the bus he’s throwing the Lincoln Project under!

That’s apparently the strategy George is going with at the moment.

Let’s face it, George:

You absolutely knew.

In any event, we have a feeling there’s gonna be some more self-cannibalization before all this is over.

And we’re here for every minute of it.



If throwing people under the bus were an Olympic sport, the Lincoln Project would take the gold.

Here’s Kurt Bardella, who, until only very recently, was a Lincoln Project senior adviser:

Pretty neat trick the way Kurt’s distancing himself from the Lincoln Project now, as if his own hands are spotless.

The only question is for how long.

Inquiring minds … well, Kurt, you know the drill.

They’re all proud of themselves:




OK, so technically Jennifer Rubin wasn’t a Lincoln Project power player … but she was a huge fan of their body of work.

And she agrees with Conway that the Lincoln Project needs to go, even despite all the amazing work they’ve done:

How can other groups and people carry on the good fight when the Lincoln Project never fought a good fight to begin with?

Shameless. These people are without shame.