Recently, the New York Times shined a light on how the GOP is weaponizing school closures against Joe Biden. They didn’t use the term “weaponizing,” though. They went with the more subtle “hammering” and, of course, “seize.”

Politico has opted not to take the subtle route:

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Within the GOP, there is a belief that the pandemic and resulting turmoil make Biden and Democratic incumbents especially vulnerable among those demographics. Republicans see room to capitalize on the grim public health and economic situation the White House inherited from Donald Trump by trying to put Democrats on the defensive for being too removed from the pain or too slow-moving to address it.

GOP lawmakers, while offering no commitment to meaningfully engage on policy proposals, have responded to continued school closures by striking hard at Biden and Democrats, with more Republicans each week accusing the administration of scaling back their ambitious goals on everything from testing to school reopenings.

“The science says that the schools should open, but instead of listening to the science, the Biden administration is caving in to Democrat special interest groups,” RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel told POLITICO. “As a result, the education of our children is suffering and hundreds of thousands of working moms are being forced out of the workforce.”

Have the GOP no shame? Imagine, suggesting that school closures have wreaked havoc on students and families! Don’t they know that pointing out that Democrats have dragged their feet on schools reopening in the name of Following The Science™ makes Democrats look bad?!

The horror.

He can never catch a break!

So we’ve reached that phase of the debate. It was inevitable, really, but we still can’t help but be kind of impressed at just how bad it’s gotten in such a short amount of time.

Put it in the Louvre, right next to the Mona Lisa.

No kidding.

Parting evergreen tweet: