Let’s get something clear: David Hogg lived through something no one should ever have to live through.

But since then, he’s made a conscious decision to turn his experience into unwarranted self-importance, electing to make arguments based purely on emotion and spite rather than facts and reason.

Case in point, this recent take on men who happen to be gun owners:

Because clearly the only reason anyone would own a gun is to obsess over them and killing other people.

What if BEING YOURSELF means wanting to defend yourself and your family from harm?

David Hogg is so far up his own butt, he appears to be literally incapable of understanding that there are plenty of responsible gun owners out there who don’t need therapy just because they believe in the right to self-defense.

Awful bold of David, suggesting that gun ownership is a “white supremacist” problem.

There’s actually nothing well said about David Hogg’s little rant.

True story.