CNN’s Brian Stelter recently explained on “Reliable Sources” that ackshually, wanting to limit certain media outlets’ speech is not wanting to limit their speech, per se:

Well, after taking some well deserved criticism for that, Stelter is clarifying what he ackshually ackshually meant.

He just wanted to reduce the reach of harmful lies, you guys. The fact that he only cited right-leaning or right-wing outlets as examples of harmful lies was just a coincidence! He wasn’t talking about conservative voices, per se!

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Brian Stelter isn’t into heavy lifting.

Not just no, but hell no.

CNN is a cesspool of misinformation and lies.

Tell us, Brian.

That’s what’s so obnoxious about people like Brian Stelter. They genuinely believe they’re different, that their lies are somehow less harmful and more equal than lies coming from the opposition. A true journalist would be capable of acknowledging flaws on his own side.

Ergo, Brian Stelter is not a true journalist.

We all know what Brian Stelter’s answer to that question would be:


Unfortunately for Brian:

True story.