In case you missed it, CNN hasn’t been faring too well in the Golden Age of Joe Biden:

Well, shoot.

You hate to see it.

More from HotAir’s Ed Morrissey:

Fox News’ ratings have barely budged, although they had a bit of a drop last year. The interest lost looks somewhat more particularized, as though a great many people care a lot less about CNN and MSNBC analytical programming after the departure of Trump. Those networks dedicated themselves to counter-Trump programming for the last four years and profited handsomely off of it. Now they have to find a new raison d’etre that will inspire passion in the post-Trump era.

Pretty much.

But this is no time for schadenfreude, guys.

Except it totally is. And who better to make the most of it than Iowahawk?

Now, to be fair, as Morrissey points out, FOXY/FOXIE is actually in a pretty good position to weather the Biden administration well. But still. His basic points stands: Donald Trump effectively at the media at his mercy. He still does.

How can you not love Iowahawk? If he didn’t hate journalists so much, we’d suggest he become one. We’d read the hell out of his reporting.

They’re truly a light in the darkness.