The New York Times is kicking off February with quite a bang — at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s expense:

The NYT isn’t pulling any punches today:

Wow, New York Times. Do you mean to say that … Luv Guv Andrew Cuomo has actually handled his state’s COVID19 crisis horribly this whole time? We feel so blindsided! Cuomo never gave us any reason to believe that he wasn’t a competent leader.


Andrew Cuomo followed The Science so hard that he fell off the Boyfriend Cliff.

Andrew Cuomo was always a monster and a fraud. But for some reason, the media didn’t seem to notice up until very recently.

What changed?

What happened on January 20— ohhhhhhhh. Right.

With Donald Trump gone, the media are finally liberated … to acknowledge what we’ve known all along about Andrew Cuomo.

GOP governors didn’t even have to say things like that in order to be accused of believing it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, MSM.