Yesterday, Joe Biden was pleased to announce that the United States will be ramping up efforts to fund abortions in America and around the world:

This news came as music to feminists’ ears. Well, most feminists, that is.

At least one still found a reason to take issue with it:

We scrolled through Eliana’s feed, and as far as we can tell, “she/they” is not a parody account, but rather an actual person who believes that “women” should be scrapped in favor of “people who get pregnant and bleed.”

What’s really amazing is that there are other actual people actually out there who actually think that sort of thing is a good idea:

It’s bad enough that pro-aborts have tried to reframe abortion as “reproductive health” or “reproductive rights.” But the new wokeness almost makes that BS seem quaint by comparison.

Nice job, Eliana. Great work all around.

Well, Joe Biden does like women — sorry, bleeders — who circle back.