In case you missed it, Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a good person. She’s also out of her ever-loving mind.

That’s not an exaggeration:

Rothschild space lasers, no less!

Yes, Media Matters dug a lot of this up, but there’s no need to take any of it with a grain of salt. Not when it comes to Marjorie Taylor Greene. Because she’s insane.

CNN’s not twisting her words this time. Her words speak for themselves.

That said, though, it’s interesting to see how the MSM is handling the ongoing revelations about Greene.

Take MSNBC senior producer Kyle Griffin, for example:

Actually, quite a few Republicans have condemned her. Many even condemned her before she won her primary.

And we can’t help but be struck by Griffin’s insistence that Republicans fall all over themselves to condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene while Democrats tend to form a phalanx around the members of their ranks who say and do outrageous things.

Why has Kyle not been after Democrats to call out insanity and inflammatory remarks on their own side?

The Left never thinks their own words or actions — or lack thereof — will come back to bite them.