Joe Biden hasn’t been president for very long, but it’s already abundantly clear that his relationship with the media is far cozier than Donald Trump’s was (with the occasional exception, of course).

They’ve got kind of mutual-appreciation-society kind of thing going on. So when the White House press corps licks Joe Biden’s hand, it’s only natural that he toss some treats their way.

So that’s what he did yesterday:


Guess it’s easy to say something like that with a straight face when you’ve been lying for as many decades as Joe Biden has.

Where are the fact-checkers on this?

Glenn Kessler! Where are you, Glenn? Or how about Daniel Dale?

We kid, of course. We already know how Daniel Dale would characterize this one:

With just a soupçon of nuance.

It’s true.



CNN fact checker Daniel Dale takes on Joe Biden’s economic speech and finds it ‘highly factual,’ despite ‘some nuances’