We hear Bora Bora is lovely this time of year. You know, just in case Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler is looking for suggestions on where to spend his four-plus year vacation.

It’s quite clear that Glenn’s bags are all packed up and he’s ready to blow this popsicle stand:

Spoiler alert: Democratic administrations don’t make for a good fact check.

Since it’s too soon to check Joe Biden on the stimulus checks, apparently there’s just nothing to fact-check Joe Biden on at all.

It’s really generous of Stephen L. Miller to offer to help Glenn out, especially after Glenn was so snarky and rude.

But Glenn doesn’t seem ready to take Miller up on his generous offer:

Oh, they’ll consider one if the need arises.

Well, that’s good enough for us!

Maybe the most honest thing Glenn has ever said. At least partly most honest:

But that was different because reasons.

Hey, man. Priorities!

OK, but …

Well, Glenn? Would he?

OK, well, about that:

Quote, schmote! It’s in a headline, so it doesn’t count. Or something.

You know, we’re starting to get the feeling that Glenn doesn’t actually play by any real rules.

So weird.

Journalism really has come a long way.

Bon voyage, Glenn! Safe travels! We’ll see you when a Republican’s back in the White House.

At least he’s consistent.