Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

And what better way to honor the victims and survivors of the Holocaust than by comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler?

Retired Philadelphia Inquirer editor David Lee Preston writes:

Many people find it offensive to use the Holocaust as a yardstick for the political excesses of the last four years that culminated in the storming of Washington on Jan. 6. They believe that to mention Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler in the same breath, as Spike Lee did on Sunday in an awards speech, disrespects the millions of innocent victims and survivors, diminishing the enormity of the Nazis’ crimes.

As a son of Holocaust survivors and a grandson of four murdered Jews, I might be expected to agree. But I do not.

I think Trump’s ability to incite followers under the banner of white nationalism has enabled us to better understand Hitler’s sway over the Germans, connecting us to the real people in the old black-and-white photo images and newsreels that show the masses with arms outstretched toward their führer.

Donald Trump undoubtedly helped to whip up anger and inspired a cult-like following. He was divisive and demagogic. He turned a blind eye to political violence. And you know what? So did Barack Obama. So has AOC. So has Maxine Waters. And a lot of other Democratic politicians.

Are they Hitler? Not even close.

Yeah, we’d say this is pretty offensive, Mr. Preston. Hardly a fitting tribute to Holocaust victims.

Pro tip: Next time you consider comparing an American politician to Adolf Hitler … don’t.