Last night, after news broke of National Guard troops sleeping in a Senate parking garage, CNN’s Jake Tapper sent a very strongly worded tweet to “whoever in DC is in charge”:

Holding the government to account. Kind of but not really.

But kudos to him, we guess.

We have absolutely no doubt that Tapper would be going all Keith Olbermann on Donald Trump if Trump were president right now.

But Trump is not president right now, so Jake Tapper has to keep his righteous indignation in check:

Thank you for reaching out privately to many Biden officials, Jake. As a journalist whose job it is to hold our government officials to account, allegedly talking to government officials privately demonstrates just how serious you actually are about doing your job.

Someone give Jake a trophy or something!

Jake Tapper’s definitely no hack:

Have a great day, rubes. Stop questioning my integrity when I repeatedly call my integrity into question and just move on, already!