Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki held her first Biden White House press briefing today, and she delivered quite the performance:

And why should she have anything more? It’s not like the Hyde amendment has been an issue that’s repeatedly been brought up with Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s a devout Catholic! What more do you people want from Jen?

So devout.

Jen probably should’ve discussed this in more depth with Joe. Despite his devout Catholicism, he’s flipped on the Hyde amendment a few times now. It’d be good for her to know where he stands on this particular day.

Jen’s off to a great start! She’s pretty much met our expectations.

Guess Psaki’s been carefully studying Pelosi over the past few years. Maybe she needs to study a little harder, as she clearly has some work to do.

It’s already happening:

They couldn’t even wait until tomorrow. They’re just too damn excited for vacay.