If you’re unfamiliar with Elijah Daniel, that’s OK. We were, too.

So we looked him up, and it seems that he’s a comedian and rapper who goes by the name “Lil Phag.”

And he’s among many Donald Trump haters bidding a not-so-fond farewell to 45.

To mark the occasion, he tweeted out a photo:

Here’s a screenshot, just in case:

And before you ask, it’s evidently real:

And after being kicked out of a Trump rally for attempting to throw a giant dildo at the United State’s President, Daniel shocked the world with a portrait of Trump giving a blowjob on his calf.

So there is actually someone out there in this world who elected to put that on his body. To own Trump. Or something.

Donald Trump tends to take a lot of things very personally, but we’d be genuinely surprised if Daniel’s tattoo was what’s been keeping him up at night.

No, no. Don’t get it covered up, Elijah. Keep it as a reminder of your world-class self-own.