We missed this when it originally appeared at WaPo a week ago. Thank goodness that WaPo national political reporter Matt Viser brought it back out for Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration:



Damn straight, he’s serious!

Viser writes:

During his victory speech on Nov. 7, the night he was projected as the presidential winner, Biden said he had been thinking about the hymn “On Eagle’s Wings,” and the faith that sustains him. The hymn, he said, gives him solace — and he hoped it would give a suffering country solace, too.

What Biden did not say was that he and an ailing Beau used to sit on his dock and watch an eagle soar past. The night his son died, Biden watched the eagle circle several times before flying away.

Now, when Biden steps to a lectern, he will be greeted by a presidential seal. It features as its most prominent symbol a bald eagle, a reminder both of what he has accomplished and what he has lost, the whys of life and destiny.

Look, Fat. Joe Biden is deeper than we thought.

Don’t we all?

Just wait til he’s been in office for a few weeks.

C’mon, man!