As the Trump administration concludes and the Biden administration begins, we can expect a return to norms.

But, even more importantly, we can expect a return to fashion at the White House.

Because it’s already happening:

Yeah, where the hell was fashion these last four years?

Eliza Huber writes:

Dr. Biden’s choice to support Markarian, which was founded by O’Neill in 2017 and includes both ready-to-wear pieces and bridal looks, only adds fuel to the rumors that, like Michelle Obama, the new First Lady plans to use her position to uplift American fashion designers. Obama famously wore Jason Wu at the Inaugural Ball in 2009, thus launching his namesake brand into the limelight. Throughout President Obama’s two terms in office, she continued wearing items from rising American brands, quickly making them household names. Dr. Biden followed suit during her husband’s campaign, recycling a fall ‘17 dress by 2020 CFDA American Womenswear Designer of the Year winner Gabriela Hearst, a New York-based designer known for her dedication to sustainability. On the eve of the Inauguration, Dr. Biden wore the purple “Unity” coat and dress from New York-based designer Jonathan Cohen’s fall ‘21 collection to a COVID-19 memorial.
All that’s to say, New York designers should prepare themselves. The First Lady appears to be on a mission to bring American fashion to the White House — and with brands suffering during the pandemic, having a visual reminder that blue skies are ahead is very much needed right now. 

Thank goodness for Jill Biden. Not only is she bringing sexy back, but she may very well singlehandedly save the fashion industry from COVID19.

She really is a miracle worker. And she’ll have her miracle work cut out for her after four years of Melania Trump’s influence.

Ah, right. Of course. Sorry!

Seriously, what else can you do but pat Eliza on the head? Has Eliza been wearing designer blindfolds since 2016?

They do know it. That’s why they’re trying so hard to erase Melania.