Having Joe Biden in the White House is the next-best thing to having Barack Obama in the White House.

So, naturally, it makes sense to talk to Ben Rhodes about the daunting task of undoing all the damage that Donald Trump did when Barack Obama left. Good thing Ben’s got some thoughts on the matter:

Actually, Rhodes said that there are “broader societal issues that go beyond [emphasis ours] what even national security and Homeland Security professionals could do.”

So we’re gonna need to call in the really big guns, apparently.

He may be cuckoo, but he’s also dangerous. We don’t say that lightly. This is the guy who boasted of deceiving the public on the Iran Deal, which was just the sort of ego boost Iran needed to feel free to beef up their nuclear program even more.

Not last time we checked. But Ben Rhodes clearly wishes we were.

It sure sounds totalitarian-y.

Let’s hope Ben Rhodes’ influence during the Biden administration doesn’t extend anywhere beyond MSNBC talking head.