Last week, Ben Shapiro took over Politico’s Playbook for a day. And the world as we knew it ended.

OK, it didn’t really end, but it may as well have for lefties and media snowflakes, who were beside themselves with grief and outrage that someone like Shapiro could be permitted to reach a wider audience with his problematic and dangerous history of arguing that conservatives aren’t, in fact, the spawn of Satan. Politico journalists were possibly the most triggered of all.

Well anyway, several days have passed, and things can at last return to normal.

It’s gonna be OK, everybody:

Ben Shapiro is a scary dude with his ideas and such. Not like Don Lemon, who’s known for his thoughtful and reasonable takes on everything.

Well, to be fair, painting Trump voters as racist Klan fans isn’t really controversial for the media, because they’ve been doing it for years.