We might need to dedicate an entire section of this website to Jake Tapper, given the frequency with which we’re covering his self-righteous hypocrisy these days.

He once held the promise of being a relatively objective journalist who was willing to hold both sides of the political aisle to account. He has since made it clear that he’s not interested in playing that role.

Exhibit 148959373629:

And the cure for “the virus of disinformation” is obviously Dr. Tapper and the team at CNN.

To be fair, Jake probably hasn’t seen much of anything lately other than his own navel.

If he could tear his eyes and ears away from himself for a few minutes, he might want to think about checking out what his network’s been up to.

That’s him, all right!

Jake Tapper should do that … but he won’t. The glory he gets to wrap himself in is just too cushy. He’s a firefighter now. There’s no turning back.

Don’t be surprised if there’s a method to the madness.