It’s been a little over a weeks since the Capitol riots, but we’ve already had a year’s worth of postmortem hot takes.

One of the most popular has been that had the rioters been with Black Lives Matter, the Capitol Police would have had no problem stopping them in their tracks before the violence escalated any further.

It’s only natural that the actual Black Lives Matter organization pick up that narrative and run with it:

They modified it slightly on January 13:

Did they watch the same footage we did? There was teargas. A white woman was killed. A Capitol Police officer was killed.

We haven’t really seen any conclusive evidence that the Capitol Police cooperated with rioters and enabled the violence. But we saw plenty of footage last summer of Black Lives Matter protesters overpowering police and law enforcement effectively standing by and letting them do it. In some of the biggest cities where rioting occurred, police were ordered to stand down.

And now, after having seen the violence that can flourish when law enforcement’s hands are tied or they’re overpowered, Black Lives Matter is pushing even harder to make their #DefundThePolice dream a reality.

For a group that purports to want peace, Black Lives Matter sure seems to want a lot of violence.