In a recent opinion piece, Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden argued that the best way to strengthen our democracy following last week’s riots at the Capitol is to “[make] it easier for every American to vote.”

And how do we make it easier for every American to vote? By doing things like granting D.C. statehood, of course!

Ben Shapiro was among those who called Wyden out for trying to couch statehood in a warm and fuzzy term like “unity”:


But for what it’s worth, WaPo columnist and CNN political analyst Josh Rogin doesn’t see what’s so objectionable about D.C. statehood:

Hi, Josh. You live in D.C. You work in D.C. You literally get paid to understand D.C. Why don’t you know what D.C. is again?

Well, Josh, does that answer your question?

All part of being a Real Journalist™ in Washington, D.C.

Hey, there’s an idea!

Hmmm … splitting up California? What do you say, Josh?

He must’ve skipped that day in J-school. Or maybe:

In any event, Josh should’ve done a little more research before trying to own Ben Shapiro.

Problem solved!