Particularly since last week, it seems like more and more GOP politicians are comfortable urging Trump supporters to drop their opposition to the election results and move forward. There are plenty of exceptions, of course, but the fact that Republicans have been willing to resign over the violence at the Capitol should count for something.

But for actor Seth Rogen, they’re just not doing enough:

Thank you, Seth.

It is. Or it should be. And yet, here we are. How’d we get here anyway?

The thing is, many GOP leaders have acknowledged that the GOP lost the presidential election. They’ve in fact gone a lot further in acknowledging that fact that Democrats have in acknowledging that they lost in 2016.

For more than four years now, we’ve heard from many prominent Democratic leaders that Hillary Clinton had the election stolen from her thanks to mass voter fraud perpetrated by collusion between Russia and the incoming Trump administration. People are still pushing that narrative. Hell, Hillary Clinton herself is still pushing it.

We’re not going to defend the words and actions of Republicans who continue to peddle the lie that Joe Biden stole the election from Donald Trump, but if we may offer Rogen a piece of helpful advice: clean up your own glass house before you start throwing stones.