Earlier today, Joe Scarborough was proud to welcome Nikole Hannah-Jones to join “Morning Joe” in a discussion about how much Trump supporters suck.

Joe Walsh — yes, him — actually took issue with Hannah-Jones’ presence:

Hannah-Jones disagrees:

Yes, if Nikole Hannah-Jones is good at one thing, it’s historical context.

Yeah, well, what Walsh seems to be forgetting is that Joe Scarborough is about as in-tune with Trump supporters as one can be:

The burden is certainly on Scarborough explain to the rest of us how his hands are even remotely clean here.

We haven’t forgotten. Neither has Joe as far as we know, though we have no doubt he’d like to.

Joe and Mika played a starring role in Donald Trump’s path to the 2016 GOP nomination. So that would make them … carcinogens, right?


Take a bow, Joe.