Andrew Cuomo is on quite a roll today.

Earlier, he warned New Yorkers that if they want a shot at a COVID19 vaccine, they need to make an appointment because thanks to the federal government and not at all to Andrew Cuomo himself, vaccines are in limited supply:

And then, during his State of the State Address, he dropped this little nugget:

There’s that bold leadership we’ve come to expect from Andrew Cuomo! He never disappoints.

It’s almost as if he didn’t deserve all the accolades he’s gotten.

Well, yes. But to be fair, Andrew Cuomo has never shown any interest in self-awareness. It’s unreasonable of us to expect it from him this late in the game.

We’d certainly like to hear one.

This does sound familiar, doesn’t it?


Sure is.

Anyway, there’s a lesson to be learned here:


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