Holy crap, you guys. Did you catch this outrageous footage of Donald Trump and “the Trump crime family” partying while rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol?

Whatever you do, please don’t point out that Ted here is full of crap:

Oh. Um. Well … oops?

But what if the facts just aren’t as interesting as the narrative?

Shorter Ted:

You’ll notice that Twitter also hasn’t flagged Ted’s initial tweet as misinformation. Just an accidental oversight, we’re sure.

What Ted is doing is what so many in the media have been doing for the last four years. Donald Trump has given them plenty of material that should legitimately warrant getting bent out of shape over, but they prefer to just take the shortcut and just make stuff up because it’s a lot less work and a lot more outrage.



Shockingly, Howard Dean is also helping to spread the bogus narrative:

Speaking of capital asses …