Last night, ace white supremacist spotter Tariq Nasheed used his ace white supremacist spotting skillz to expose white supremacist Roy Ball, who violently assaulted a black woman at a rally in Los Angeles:

Well, let’s hear from Toyota USA:

So Roy Ball lost his job? Good. He’s a white supremacist, and he deserves to be fired from every job he’s ever held and will hold in the future.

Just one tiny problem, though. Insignificant, really:

Oh. You mean … Roy Ball wasn’t trying to kill her with a racist hate crime? But that would mean … Tariq Nasheed was wrong about him. And when has Tariq Nasheed ever been wrong about anything?

We’re being facetious, of course.

Well, Tariq Nasheed thinks every white person is a violent suspected white supremacist, so he’s not gonna back down from this one:

Never mind that the alleged victim defended and is grateful to Roy Ball. The important thing is that Tariq Nasheed has ruined Ball’s livelihood by pushing a false narrative in the name of racial justice.

So take a bow, Tariq. You, too, Toyota. Y’all should be really proud of yourselves.

Or, even better, Ball will get hired by a company that doesn’t bend over for flaming garbage people like Tariq Nasheed.