Like many of us, CNN’s Jake Tapper is disgusted today.

Unlike many of us, he’s not really in the best position to be:

Trump-enabling media? We can only assume he’s referring to outlets like Fox News and OANN and the Federalist.

Does anyone have a mirror they can lend to Jake?

CNN’s been in good company:

And lots, lots more where those came from.

Sorry, Jake, but no media “enabled” Donald Trump more than the liberal media. They shone the brightest spotlight on Trump throughout the 2016 primary season. They laughed with him, promoted him, and encouraged Republican voters to make him the nominee.

They played a huge role in Trump’s ultimate presidential election win. And they’ve spent the past four years trying to wash their hands of all of it.

Well, they don’t get to wash their hands of it. They got what they wished for. They don’t get to clutch their pearls.

One last thing for Jake Tapper to ponder in his rage:

We’re dying to hear what their answers are, though we won’t hold our breath for any mea culpas.