As Twitchy told you, Jake Tapper seems to believe he’s in a position to shame a GOP senator (or senators) for decrying yesterday’s violence while fanning the flames:

Given the nature of his job as a CNN journalist, he’s really in no position to be pointing fingers.

But there’s at least one person who’s in even less of a position to be pointing fingers.

And that’s everyone’s favorite diehard-Trump-supporter-turned-Resistance-presidential-candidate-slash-talking-head Joe Walsh:

“And I decry violence, said the liberal media darling who vowed to grab his musket if Donald Trump lost the election 2016 election.”

We know 2020 lasted forever, and it’s been a very long four years … but it hasn’t been nearly long enough for us to forget who Joe Walsh is and what he’s said and done.

Oh dear. How awkward.