CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter is very, very concerned about the inflammatory language from Republicans’ media allies, i.e. Fox News. Guys like Tucker Carlson are indulging conservatives’ baseless worries about Democrats wanting to grant statehood to D.C. and Puerto and to pack the Supreme Court. See, that’s “straight up fear-mongering”:

First off:



Who’s acting in bad faith here? Brian Stelter, who’s deliberately trying to downplay Democrats’ threats, or the people pointing out what Stelter’s doing?

Exactly. We wouldn’t call Brian Stelter an honest broker, but he still knows what Democrats are saying.

Given that Puerto Rico voted 52% to 48% in favor of statehood in a non-binding referendum last year, it’s reasonable to be concerned when Democrats say things like this:

And look, Brian. Nancy Pelosi does favor D.C. statehood:

Looks like Tucker was right after all!

And Dems have straight-up redefined court-packing while arguing in favor of actual court-packing for quite some time now. But it’s Tucker Carlson who needs to be reality-checked?

Because to him, those talking points were reality. And you don’t need to reality-check reality, do you?

Here’s a reality check for you, Brian Stelter: you’re a hack.