The odds of Donald Trump and his supporters successfully undermining President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory are looking as bleak as ever.

That means that Trump has got to pull every last trick he’s got out of his hat.

And he’s looking to Vice President Mike Pence for help:

Hey, yeah! That’s right!

Man, did Al Gore blow it or what?

He did blow it, but not because he didn’t reject electors. Because that’s not actually a thing that vice presidents can do.

As many media firefighters are helpfully pointing out:

Thank you, firefighters, for your help in combating Donald Trump’s latest misinformation campaign.

Weird that you guys would go after him for this, though, given your history when it comes to election losers contesting results:

Awomen to that. The media’s selective outrage became tiresome a long time ago, but they keep pushing ahead with it as if we’ve all got memories like sieves.

Anyway, for what it’s worth: