Last night, GOP Sen. Josh Hawley called out a group of “Antifa scumbags” who showed up outside of his house in D.C. while is wife and newborn daughter were inside:

Here’s how the Washington Post covered the story:

“Protesters say they held a peaceful vigil.”

Hawley’s “Antifa scumbags” designation gets the scare quotes. But Shutdown DC’s word is apparently good enough for WaPo.

Come on, Matt. It wasn’t that bad:

The activists said they had staged a peaceful vigil on Monday night to protest a GOP plan to object to Congress’s certification of the presidential electoral vote this week. On the sidewalk in a Northern Virginia suburb, a group of 15 people chanted while holding candles and signs saying, “Protect democracy.”

Given that the coronavirus pandemic has shut down many of the offices where the group might usually protest, [Shutdown DC organizer Patrick] Young said that the group decided to bring its demonstration to Hawley’s doorstep. (Congress nonetheless continues to meet in person.)

“If we want to talk to powerful people, we need to talk to powerful people where they are,” Young said, “and more often than not, that’s home right now.”

But Young said the group made a point not to knock on Hawley’s door, instead ringing the doorbell as he left a copy of the Constitution on the senator’s door. Members of the group also read messages from people in the contested states whose votes Hawley, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and other senators have said they plan to challenge.

See? It’s fine!

For what it’s worth, once again, here’s the video Shutdown DC posted:

Doesn’t exactly absolve them of guilt when it comes to whether or not they tried to intimidate Hawley and his family.