Say what you will about Lin Wood, but the guy is brave AF.

It’s not any man who would literally put his life on the line to speak the TRUTH about what’s happening at the highest levels of the United States government:

Hope you’re all ready for this:

Lin Wood’s having a very normal one.

Yes, if there’s one thing we know about Lin Wood, it’s that he never makes baseless claims about anything.

If you didn’t understand why people were questioning Lin Wood’s sanity before, you definitely will after reading that thread.

Won’t someone please think of the children?

His family clearly needs your prayers. As does anyone who trusts Lin Wood to tell the TRUTH about anything.

Hey, man. Everyone makes mistakes.

Just don’t let the Lizard Squad find out.



‘There are no coincidences’: Lin Wood not-so-subtly suggests that death of Kelly Loeffler campaign staffer in car crash wasn’t an accident