Earlier today, GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe went off on hypocritical liberals who have spent months shaming regular, lockdown-weary Americans as science-denying rubes who don’t care about others’ wellbeing:

It’s a great question. We don’t often find ourselves agreeing with Ioffe, but she’s right to be pissed about this.

So, what, exactly, was it that set her off today?

No worries, Julia. No need to snitch-tag, because others have got a pretty good idea as to who you’re talking about:

Good guess.

Looks like Chrissy Teigen’s having a great time!

Luxurious island vacations for me, not for thee.

It’s not worth risking your health or the health of anyone else unless you really, really wanna go on vacay.

Don’t stand so close to Chrissy.

Or to her husband John Legend:


If you’re special, that is.

And John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are literally willing to risk other people’s lives so they can relax in St. Barts.

A lot of other people who aren’t as privileged as Chrissy Teigen have also gotten tested and still aren’t allowed to go anywhere.

*You all are in this together, suckers. We’re on vacation.

Guess so.

Now, it’s entirely possible that Ioffe wasn’t referring to Teigen or Legend at all. Lord knows there are plenty of hypocritical liberals pulling this kind of crap.

But regardless of who she’s talking about, Ioffe shouldn’t feel bad about snitch-tagging them.

People like Teigen and Legend are hypocrites. They’re proud of their hypocrisy. So let’s give them the spotlight they so desperately crave.

It’s only fair.