Well, knock CNN over with a feather!

How is that even possible?

And it’s almost like … CNN was ready and willing to go along with it.


And make no mistake: CNN is absolutely willing to do the CCP’s bidding.

Here’s how their article concludes:

Nevertheless, the sweeping measures have been heralded by the Chinese government as having allowed the country to turn a corner in its fight against the outbreak.

The Chinese CDC, meanwhile, also highlighted China’s victory in containing the virus when releasing the antibody study results on Monday.

“The results of the study show that our country’s population has a low infection rate. It indicates that China has succeeded in controlling the epidemic with Wuhan as the main battlefield, and effectively controlled the large-scale spread of the epidemic,” the agency said.

Shorter CNN: ChiComs evidently grossly underreported the incidence of COVID19 in Wuhan, but ChiComs think the ChiComs did a great job! And that’s the real take-home message here.