In case you missed it, nurse Sandra Lindsay is the first person in New York to have received the first dose of the COVID19 vaccine:

Fantastic news. We look forward to Lindsay being the first of many to receive what will hopefully prove to be a lifesaving vaccine.

We also look forward to NBC News’ apology for this gem:

A lot of people weren’t sure there’d be a COVID19 vaccine by the end of this year. And that’s understandable, given that it would’ve been unprecedented.

But not all skeptics were nearly as smug about it as those at NBC News, who were so confident that Donald Trump was wrong that they rebutted his claim with a “fact check.”

Here’s a fact check for NBC News: Trump was right; your experts were wrong.

It did not.

Well done, guys.

We’d tell NBC News to be more careful next time, but we’re not about to kid ourselves.

Guessing you’re right, Matt.