Last week, NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss stuck it to Donald Trump in a major way, pointing out that Abraham Lincoln — unlike Trump — never snapped at a reporter.

Beschloss conveniently forgot to mention the things that Lincoln did to do journalists.

Anyway, after making an ass of himself a few days ago, Beschloss is back for seconds, this time calling out the White House for prioritizing staff members over “many seniors and front-line health care workers” when it comes to administering the COVID19 vaccine:

Thanks for your brave act of journalism, Michael.

Now please cite your sources. Because it appears that you may have gotten some bad information:


It is the right answer. And it notably totally contradicts Beschloss’ breathless reporting. Beschloss’ second and third tweets went out after Trump said that White House staffers were lower on the list than those at higher risk.

But that’s OK. Beschloss got the word out, even if it was a lie:

Lots more where that came from.

So, mission accomplished!